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Client Testimonials

"From Day One this Insurance Agency has set themselves apart from everyone else. They pay attention to detail and treat me with the upmost dignity and respect. They work with first class companies and KNOW what they are doing. I am so sold on this group of people I would drive a person to their office to speak with them."

- Mark P

"I have been with these guys for years. I'll never go with another company. Craig always finds my family and I the best rates. When our house was recently flooded he helped us navigate the renter's insurance chaos. This is a top notch company. I highly recommend them."

- Jeremy S

"Personal and dedicated customer service that you just can't get by going to the big insurance companies. Their entire staff is wonderful and they all work very hard to provide the best possible insurance to their customers. Highly recommended."

- Brian B

"Butsch Insurance has always taken great care of us. They have handled our personal and business insurance for many years, and are quick to respond with any questions we have. Not to mention, they're very involved in making our community a better place."

- Casey P

"Butsch Insurance -- #Insurance&ServiceWayAboveExpectations! Our agent Craig Emch provides individual service/attention. Our policies (home, business and auto) are checked/ compared annually AND if he finds better coverage or value, Craig provides guidance and recommendations. If you have a claim, you want this office working with you!"

- Carol M

"We've been with Butsch Insurance for over 10 years and they have consistently provided great rates on car and home owner's insurance, and the times we needed their help, Craig and crew have been there for us! I highly recommend them!"

- Clint M

"Craig and the team at Clem J. Butsch have always done a great job for our insurance needs! Also, Craig is very community minded and committed to the great town of Mount Angel."

- Eric S

"I go to Clem J. Butsch Insurance for both home and auto insurance. Their agents have always provided me with fast and dependable service along with good rates!!"

- Rachel E

"I'm a long-term customer of Butsch Insurance. They have a great team that has always delivered excellent customer service."

- Jim V

"Exceptional service, very prompt and helpful with all my insurance needs!"

- Al S

"Craig has been a great agent to work with."

- Nathan K